ISFP Personality type.
Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving.

ISFPs are the true trend-setters of this world. They eagerly try out new things and are the first to be wearing all the new styles. ISFPs are vastly in touch with their senses and always project a sense of living in the here and now. An ISFP yearns to be spontaneous at their will and wants to act on their impulses; if held back from doing so this type may feel stifled and will eventually break free to do their own thing.

ISFPs will on occasion dole out compliments to anyone they meet while at other times they may be aloof and distant; those close to an ISFP should be aware of this difference and not take it to heart. Along with a spontaneous nature, ISFP males tend to be extremely competitive in sports and will stop at nothing to win; they may also rely on "gut" and other such feelings which may lead to them thinking they’re invincible – this may cause gambling problems and other addictions.

Since ISFPs thrive on doing what they please and almost seem to have minimal control over making their desires take a back seat to their needs, it may point to the reward centers in their brain being "undernourished" and in need of constant boosting. When an ISFP completes their mission or gambles with that "lucky" feeling, dopamine receptors are hard at work and they feel happy. Due to this unstructured nature, formal education may be too much for an ISFP's free nature and they may drop out before reaching secondary school. ISFPs will take up things like playing an instrument and will practice for hours not for the rote repetition but for the pure joy of the experience.

ISFPs are more doers then thinkers and will live out their "id" needs without even so much as verbalizing them. Their need to fulfill a desire will burn through them and then leave as quickly as it came. Out of all personality types, ISFPs are definitely the most spontaneous and the ones who utilize free-will the most. There is an abundance of ISFPs in acting, and they quite excel at it; but they won’t have much to say for themselves when it is all over. ISFPs feed a need for the feeling of constant satisfaction, highly motivated by reward and addiction centers in the brain.

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